For men with diabetes and erectile dysfunction, there is a link and treatment

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a common problem among diabetic men, affecting 35-75 percent of them. ED (erection problems) symptoms can affect up to 75% of men with diabetes at some point in their lives. Men with diabetes are thought to develop erectile dysfunction 10 to 15 years sooner than men who do not have the disease. Over the age of 70, there is a 95% risk of experiencing erectile dysfunction.

What causes erectile dysfunction in diabetics?

The causes of ED are complex, and they revolve around changes in the body’s nerve, muscle, and blood vessel functions over time. To obtain an erection, men must have healthy blood vessels, muscles, male hormones, and a desire to have sex. ED may also occur in the absence of the blood vessels and nerves that control erection, despite a desire for sexual activity and natural male hormones.

Male characteristics are influenced by a variety of factors.

Several other factors influence erectile dysfunction in diabetic men.

They are as follows:

  • Tobacco Use and Obesity
  • Insufficient exercise and other lifestyle factors
  • Surgery, including many injuries, can cause damage to the penis’ nerves and arteries.

Many common medications can cause ED (including antidepressants and blood pressure drugs).

Psychological factors also play a significant role.

Anxiety, shame, depression, low self-esteem, and fear of sexual failure are recorded in between 10% and 20% of ED cases.

How do you know if you have ED?

Erectile dysfunction is managed using a variety of methods. The extent and nature of the ED are often affected by the patient’s medical history.

Medical and intimate background affect, much like prescription or illegal drug use. Physical examination of ED patients is possible, and body characteristics can reveal clues to the cause. For ED diagnosis, laboratory testing may be necessary.

Additional research, such as nocturnal erection testing (nocturnal penile tumescence), may aid in the eradication of certain causes.

Psychological studies may also reveal psychological variables.

Is it possible to treat erectile dysfunction in men who also have diabetes?

Medicine has taken orally the following prescription medications will be available on the NHS for men with diabetes who are having trouble obtaining or maintaining an erection:

Brand names should be included:

  • Cialis
  • Levitra
  • Viagra

However, since both of these drugs have the potential to affect heart rate, it is important to speak with a doctor to determine the best course of action.

Alternative therapies include intracavernous injections, vacuum constriction devices, intraurethral therapy, and sex therapy.

In addition, generic forms of sildenafil, such as Cenforce 150 or Fildena, are effective and inexpensive for treating ED.

Erectile dysfunction can be greatly influenced by psychotherapy.

Non-oral treatments for ED

Additional treatments include vacuum constriction devices, intraurethral alprostadil suppository or intracavernous injection technique, and sex therapy.

Vacuum pumps consist of a plastic tube in which you position your penis. The vacuum created by the pump, which can be operated by a battery or a hand pump, draws blood into the penis to make it erect. A rubber ring must be placed around the bottom of the penis to keep it upright. A vacuum pump should not be used if you have a bleeding disorder or are taking anticoagulants.

Alprostadil is a hormone that increases blood flow to the penis and can be taken in two ways:

Alprostadil is injected into the penis by intracavernosal injection.

A urethral stick is used to insert an alprostadil pellet into the urethra (1.6 mm diameter and 6 mm length)

Alprostadil can be prescribed if you don’t react to other treatments or can’t take oral medications or use a vacuum pump. Your health care provider will educate you about how to use alprostadil and how to implant it.

What treatment is the most effective for diabetes and ED?

The most suitable treatment can be determined by the patient’s wellbeing and willingness to tolerate the treatment. Urologists, for example, may consult with and decide on the best course of action in specific cases. You should try Tadacip and Vilitra 40 pills to treat ED since it is the most commonly prescribed drug by doctors.

What do erectile dysfunction and diabetes have in store for the future?

There are many advancements in this field. Improved medications, implants, vacuum machines, and suppositories are all available to diabetic men suffering from ED.

Gene therapy is not currently being researched, although a long-term therapeutic solution to diabetes and erectile dysfunction could be available at some point in the future.

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